Friday, 21 October 2011

How to see the aura

Last weekend I had the pleasure of running a workshop for some lovely ladies interested in energy work and psychic development. This was the first time I'd run a full day workshop in this format, I'd previously run evening sessions of a couple of hours. It worked really well and I've had some great feedback.
The fun bit (for me anyway) is 'how to see auras'. I love teaching this to people as they can discover their abilities to 'see' the colours of others' auras very quickly.
The aura that we typically see is that of the astral or emotional energetic body. This is the 'bit' of us that exists at a higher vibrational level and kind of overlays our physical being. (There's a lot more to the theory of energy bodies but I want to share the practical stuff.) The aura given off by this energy body can be 'read' and seeing colours is one way that sensitive people can 'see' what is going on for someone. Colours mean different things to everyone but let's leave analysis for another time too. (This is a picture taken of my aura a few years ago.)
Another way that we can 'read' the aura of another person is by having a feeling. Standing next to someone means that your auras intermingle and, if you're aware enough you can often get a sense of what's going on for them, or what emotional state they're in.

So, how do you 'see' the aura?
  • Have a go with a friend. (Don't do this to someone without their permission as they will find it intrusive.) One of you should stand in front of a plain pale wall. (I put sheets of flip chart paper in the wall to assist with this.)
  • The other should stand a few feet away and allow their eyes to go out of focus. Gaze at your friend's shoulder, and then just pass it. Try gazing around their head too. Eventually you may start to see a thickening of the air just an inch or so around them. This is the etheric aura and is usually colourless. (It's like the Ready-Brek glow if you remember the adverts.)
  • As you continue to let your eyes wander, softly out of focus, you may start to see colour around your friend. This is the aura. Congratulations.
This can take practice so don't be too disappointed if it doesn't happen straight away. Swap over and see if your friend can do it. You can practise with plants and animals too.

One of the reasons I love teaching others to see auric colours is that, actually, I very rarely see them. I do however sense them and you might find that this happens to you instead. Sometimes I 'hear' the name of the colour or just know that it's there, and whereabouts around the person it is. It provides a lesson in self-belief when this happens as you often think you're just making it up or imagining it. Once you learn to translate the colours into information or readings for the person you're working with, you soon get positive feedback that what you're sensing is correct.
Why not give it a go?

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