Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bowler hats...A sign from the universe or a new fashion trend?

I'm a great advocate for following your intuition and keeping an eye out for signs from the universe that indicate a particular direction I should take in life or to confirm I'm on the right track. But I'm really aware that I have to be careful not read too much into things (my husband told me, yet again, yesterday that I think too much).
When we see signs, symbols, repetitive messages in our life or even perhaps if we have an odd deam, we really want to know what on earth it could all possibly mean for us. I got a text from a friend today saying that she had seen two people in different situations on the same day, sporting bowler hats. Hmm, unusual. What could that mean?
I believe that signs, dreams and symbols are very personal and should always be related back to the person they're for. Yes, there are 'traditional' symbols and age old meanings and we can always look up someone else's definition in a book or dictionary of dream or symbol analysis. But the most important thing to ask is, what does it mean to you?
One symbol can have a hundred interpretations if you speak to 100 people. We all have our own associations, memories, experiences and frame of reference. So I don't think someone else can literally translate your signs for you. They can facilitate their translation though.
My friend and I had an extensive exchange of texts about bowler hats which rapidly went from the sublime to the ridiculous, attempting to fathom the meaning of her fashion-based message. It made us laugh which is always a positive outcome. And maybe she could take something from it. Or maybe they're simply making a comeback..?
(Inspired by my lovely friend DM and written on my blackberry while standing in the queue at my local Post Office, it was a long queue)