Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Psychic Festival Success

What a phenomonal event on Monday evening. Our annual charity psychic festival was a brilliant success. Despite a number of our helpers organising team being sick and some of the readers and mediums not able to get there we managed to raise £2200 with lots of people enjoying the evening, having treatments, readings, experiencing our two mediumship demo halls and catching up with old friends in the process. Some were new to this kind of thing and are looking to find out more - we wish them luck on their journey, and some were old hands, but as we know, we can all learn something new as we go through life. So a great contribution to The British Heart Foundation and, hopefully, some newly opened hearts and minds.

Thanks to everyone who helped out or came along on the night.

This is a massive undertaking and Janice and Diane from Petals in the Wind (psychic development & teaching group) are absolute stars, or perhaps I should say Angels, as well as two of the best friends a girl could have. So well done, I know how much work you put in to this, I know how stressed you have been over it because you so want it to be a success, well, it was, and then some. Well done girls! xxx

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