Thursday, 10 January 2008

Spreading the magic via Blogging!

Welcome to my new blog!
Have to admit, I'm a bit new to this, so have been a bit cautious in setting it up. However, here it is. The first 'spreading the magic' blog.
"Spreading The Magic' is all about bringing a bit of spiritual stuff in to your everyday life. Your approach to work, family, fun stuff, even money!
I used to keep all the elements of my life very seperate. A lot of people, especially those I worked with, didn't know about my psychic or healing work because I worried about what they thought. It was only when I made a real change to my life with a big relocation and new business venture in 2004 that I decided I just had to be me ALL THE TIME! Once I made the decision, WOW! The people the met, the insights and experiences that I had were all amazing.
Celebrate all the different aspects of who you are, there are probably many, but they make up the whole, BE YOU.
I want to encourage inspire people to be the best that they can be, to aim high and achieve all of their dreams and ambitions and I have found that I have an ability to do this on a very practical level as well as on a spiritual one.
I look forward to blogging my thoughts, and I hope that they inspire and inform. But I don't believe my thoughts to be the one and only way, your truth is what you believe it to be. If something resonates with you then great, if not, just ignore me!
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For now, bright blessings

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